Burna Boy Drops Official Music Video for “City Boys” Featuring Surprise Cameo by Quavo

Burna Boy Drops Official Music Video for “City Boys” Featuring Surprise Cameo by Quavo

Burna Boy has once again brought one of the tracks from his seventh studio album, “I Told Them…,” to life with a stunning music video. This time, he’s chosen to give the visual treatment to the standout song “City Boys.”

In the “City Boys” music video, Burna Boy takes to the vibrant streets of Miami, cruising around in a striking yellow Ferrari, with his entourage following closely behind in a convoy of luxury cars. The song kicks off with an intro from a viral Jhus video where he said, “I’m not even gonna lie, I used to call myself an ugly youth, but I’m not even an ugly youth. I’m a sexy youth, you understand?” he effortlessly flaunts his opulent lifestyle.

Throughout the video, Burna Boy exudes a sense of nonchalance, emphasizing that he doesn’t care if he’s seen someone in a magazine or on TV, as none of that matters to him. He and his crew hang out outside a corner store, embodying the essence of city life and its charm.

While watching the “City Boys” video closely, fans will be thrilled to spot a surprise cameo appearance by none other than Quavo, adding an unexpected twist to the visual experience.

“I Told Them…” is available for streaming on all major platforms, and since its release in late August, Burna Boy has treated fans to a series of captivating music videos, including “Sittin’ On Top Of The World” featuring 21 Savage, “Talibans II” with Byron Messia, “Cheat On Me” with Dave, and the solo venture “Big 7.”

For the full “City Boys” music video experience, be sure to check it out below, and don’t forget to stream “I Told Them…” to immerse yourself in Burna Boy’s latest musical masterpiece.

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