BORDE-AUX Releases New Single “Televisione”

BORDE-AUX Releases New Single “Televisione”

Inganni Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Televisione,” the latest single from indie rock band BORDE-AUX’s concept album “Radio Motel.”  “Radio Motel” is a sonic and narrative journey through the experiences and emotions of Generation X, addressing themes of failed love, inner conflicts, criticism of trash TV, introspection, overseas travel, personal demons, and the loss of loved ones.

Recorded in just nine days in Milan, “Radio Motel” marks a significant evolution in BORDE-AUX’s sound.  Notably, “Televisione” infuses a touch of garage rock and showcases progressive rock influences through its 7/8 time signatures, shared with “Inganni.”

The album explores new sonic and experimental frontiers, including the use of a Kaoss Pad on vocals in “Sei,” inspired by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, and minimal electronic influences in “Radio Punk Motel.” 

BORDE-AUX’s lyrics blend immediacy with hermeticism, allowing for personal interpretations and deep reflections. The band continues to push beyond conventional boundaries, delivering a unique and engaging artistic vision.

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