Blueface Calls out Chrisean Rock for Creating an Instagram Page for Their Newborn

Blueface Calls out Chrisean Rock for Creating an Instagram Page for Their Newborn

The ongoing drama between Blueface and Chrisean Rock has taken an unexpected turn following the birth of their newborn son, Chrisean Malone Jr. Blueface has taken to Twitter to express his dismay over Chrisean’s decision to create an Instagram page for their baby and even include a booking email in the bio.

In a tweet on Thursday (Sept. 7), Blueface didn’t hold back in his criticism. He wrote,

“Baby got a Instagram with a booking email in the bio at 2 days old; he’s taking bookings already. This lady had a baby for clout, damn shame.”

He continued by sharing his frustration about not being present during the birth of his child, saying, “Since she didn’t wanna let me see my son come out, I guess I gotta book him for a show. What’s the baby booking rate? I’ll pay it, but he’s gotta come meet his family. Somebody email and let me know how much to book Chrisean Jr. to meet his new family.”

Chrisean Rock gave birth to their son on Sept. 3, and she documented the moment on Instagram Live. Notably, Blueface was not present for the delivery. This newborn is Blueface’s third child and his first with Chrisean.

The tension between the two parents has been escalating since the birth. Blueface has expressed his intention to file for custody of the child if he believes Chrisean is not properly caring for their son. The situation continues to unfold, and fans are watching closely for updates on this complex relationship.


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