Beyoncé Fans Notice Differences in ‘Cowboy Carter’ CD and Vinyl Editions

Beyoncé Fans Notice Differences in ‘Cowboy Carter’ CD and Vinyl Editions

Beyoncé’s latest album, “Cowboy Carter,” has stirred up discussion among fans as they discover discrepancies between the digital and physical versions, particularly on CD and vinyl editions.

The digital release of “Cowboy Carter” features a comprehensive tracklist of 27 songs spanning 78 minutes. However, some fans have observed that certain songs are missing from the CD and vinyl versions of the album.

Reports indicate that at least five tracks—namely, “Spaghettii,” “Flamenco,” “The Linda Martell Show,” “Ya Ya,” and “Oh Louisiana”—are absent from the vinyl edition. The CD includes “Flamenco” but lacks the remaining four songs.

Interestingly, the album description on Beyoncé’s website suggests that the CD contains an additional track, leading to speculation that “Flamenco” might serve as a bonus song. Furthermore, some fans have noticed discrepancies in song titles, such as “My Rose” appearing as “Mr. Sir.”

Questions arise as to whether Beyoncé made alterations to the album after the production of CDs and vinyl records commenced. Observant listeners have noted subtle musical differences on tracks like “II Hands II Heaven” and the opening track, “Ameriican Requiem.”

The absence of these tracks from the physical editions has led to speculation that they may have been added after the manufacturing process began, possibly after the initial pressing deadline. However, it remains uncertain whether these additional songs were recorded after the production of CDs and vinyl records had commenced.

Fans who have raised concerns about these discrepancies have received automated responses indicating that the store is experiencing a high volume of inquiries and will address the matter within a few days. As speculation continues, fans eagerly await clarification on the differences between the digital and physical versions of “Cowboy Carter.”


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