Azato Releases Soulful New Single “Come My Way”

Azato Releases Soulful New Single “Come My Way”

Azato is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Come My Way,” . This track showcases the talents of singer/songwriters Aisea Taimani from the Bay Area and Riya Davis from Hawai’i, bringing a unique and soulful sound to the music scene.

“Come My Way” stands out with its use of all live instruments, creating an authentic and rich listening experience. The song opens with a serene reggae intro that sets a calm yet groovy tone. Azato’s soft vocals and the steady tempo foster a relaxed atmosphere, while the consistent rhythm of the instrumentation maintains the groove throughout the track.

The background vocals provide a creative and harmonious touch, enhancing the overall vibe of the song. The collaboration between Aisea Taimani and Riya Davis adds depth and diversity to the single, making “Come My Way” a memorable and engaging piece.

Azato’s dedication to live instrumentation and his ability to blend different musical influences are evident in this release. “Come My Way” shows his artistic vision and commitment to delivering high-quality music to his audience.

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