Andi Schneidewind Unveils Debut EP “So oft dein Herz auch bricht”

Andi Schneidewind Unveils Debut EP “So oft dein Herz auch bricht”

Andi Schneidewind proudly announces the release of his highly anticipated debut EP titled “So oft dein Herz auch bricht.” This collection of four electrifying tracks marks a significant milestone in Schneidewind’s musical journey.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic sound of Motörhead, Schneidewind delivers a powerhouse performance that ignites the senses and leaves listeners craving more. From the opening chords to the final refrain, each track on the EP pulses with energy and intensity, showcasing Schneidewind’s musical prowess and undeniable talent.

“So oft dein Herz auch bricht” kicks off with thunderous rock beats that set the stage for an exhilarating sonic experience. Schneidewind’s vocals soar over the driving rhythm, weaving a narrative that resonates with audiences. The chorus hooks listeners with its infectious melody, ensuring that the song lingers in their minds long after the music fades.

Throughout the EP, Schneidewind’s German-language lyrics pay homage to the punk rock legends Die Ärzte, Die Toten Hosen, and Die Broilers, infusing each track with a sense of rebellious spirit and unapologetic attitude. Coupled with solid rock beats that keep the groove going, “So oft dein Herz auch bricht” showcases Schneidewind’s unique artistic vision and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Fans can experience the raw energy of “So oft dein Herz auch bricht” on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms.


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