Alex Lame Unveils New Single “Rilasso” as Part of Debut EP “Triade”

Alex Lame Unveils New Single “Rilasso” as Part of Debut EP “Triade”

Alex Lame takes listeners on a music journey with the release of “Rilasso,” the second track from his debut EP, “Triade.” The song delves into a complex love-hate relationship with the reality of the country, exploring both its negative and positive influences, the dynamics with people in his surroundings, and the pursuit of pre-established goals.

“Rilasso” captures the essence of conflicting emotions, drawing the audience into a narrative that resonates with authenticity. The deliberate impactfulness of the lyrics from the very first sentence contrasts with the mood of the instrumental base, creating a powerful and immersive listening experience.

Alex Lame’s inspiration for the lyrics draws from the emotive depth of Neffa’s “Waiting for the Sun,” one of his personal favorites. With “Rilasso,” he aims to evoke similar sensations, crafting a piece that not only pays homage to his influences but also establishes his unique voice in the music landscape.

As part of the “Triade” EP, “Rilasso” contributes to a sonic exploration of diverse themes and emotions. Alex Lame’s ability to convey a rich narrative through his music is evident, making the EP a promising introduction to his artistic prowess.

“Triade” serves as a musical collection, with each track offering a distinct perspective on life, love, and self-discovery. “Rilasso” plays a pivotal role in this musical journey, showcasing Alex Lame’s talent for storytelling and emotional resonance.

With its release, “Rilasso” is set to entertain audiences, inviting them to connect with the raw and authentic portrayal of the artist’s experiences. Alex Lame emerges as a promising force in the music scene, with “Triade” poised to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

“Rilasso” is now available on all major streaming platforms, marking a significant milestone in Alex Lame’s musical journey.

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