Adin Ross and YBN Nahmir Exchange Heated Words Over $20,000 Boxing Match Offer: ‘You Failed Your Music Career’

Adin Ross and YBN Nahmir Exchange Heated Words Over $20,000 Boxing Match Offer: ‘You Failed Your Music Career’

Rapper YBN Nahmir and popular streamer Adin Ross recently found themselves embroiled in a heated exchange over a $20,000 boxing match offer.

The tension began when Nahmir took to his Instagram Stories, as reported by HipHopDX, alleging that he was offered $20,000 to participate as a fighter at one of Ross’ upcoming boxing events. Expressing his discontent, Nahmir questioned the offer in light of previous extravagant expenditures by Ross, including an incident where Playboi Carti was reportedly paid $2 million to appear on Ross’ stream, only to leave shortly after receiving the money. “Ain’t you the same na that just paid $2 million for a n**** to sit next to you?” Nahmir questioned, expressing his skepticism towards the $20,000 offer.

In response, Nahmir proposed a counter-offer of $100,000 for his participation in the event, prompting a fiery response from Ross during one of his streams. Ross criticized Nahmir’s music career, stating, “Nahmir, you’re not worth $100,000. You fell off, you suck at music.” He continued to disparage Nahmir’s career trajectory, asserting that he was not deserving of such a significant sum for the boxing match. Ross emphasized his point by highlighting the alleged disparity between Nahmir’s demand and his perceived value in the industry.

Following Ross’ remarks, Nahmir fired back on Instagram Live, issuing a warning to those who dared to disrespect him. “Don’t @ me in no fucking shit if you talking shit, because you gonna get smacked in your fucking mouth for it,” Nahmir asserted, expressing his frustration with the derogatory comments directed towards him. He criticized Ross for attempting to downplay his insults by prefacing them with “no disrespect,” emphasizing his refusal to tolerate such behavior.

The exchange between Ross and Nahmir quickly garnered attention on social media, sparking further discussion among fans and observers. As tensions escalate, it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold between the two personalities.

The altercation underscores the complexities of interactions in the entertainment industry, where egos and reputations often collide in public forums. While disagreements may arise, the manner in which they are addressed can significantly impact relationships and perceptions within the community.

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