22 HERTZ Unleashes Heavy Rock and Industrial Power in New Album “Adrenochrome”

22 HERTZ Unleashes Heavy Rock and Industrial Power in New Album “Adrenochrome”

The highly anticipated album “Adrenochrome” by 22 HERTZ has officially arrived, marking a groundbreaking debut on January 1st, 2024. This powerhouse collection of 9 songs is set to captivate listeners with its intense rhythms, raw energy, and a featured trio of singles that define the band’s signature heavy rock and industrial rock sound.

“Adrenochrome” takes listeners on a sonic journey, offering a robust mix of Heavy Rock and Industrial Rock. The album encapsulates the distinctive sound that defines 22 HERTZ, creating an unparalleled musical experience. The leading single, “Wrong,” kicks off the adrenaline-fueled ride with impactful lyrics and a compelling melody, setting the stage for the album’s immersive exploration.


The robust fusion of heavy rock and industrial rock in “Adrenochrome” showcases the band’s commitment to delivering a unique and powerful sound. Each track explores the boundaries of the genre, pushing the limits of intensity and musical innovation. “Gravity” and “Get the Hell Out” continue this bold musical journey, inviting fans to immerse themselves in the dynamic and visceral world of 22 HERTZ.


For fans of heavy rock seeking something refreshingly intense, “Adrenochrome” is a must-have addition to their music collection. The album not only solidifies 22 HERTZ’s position as a force in the heavy rock scene but also offers an adrenaline-fueled experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

“Get the Hell Out”

Experience the sonic onslaught of “Adrenochrome” and join 22 HERTZ on a journey through the intense realms of heavy rock and industrial power. The album is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to delve into the bold and exhilarating soundscapes crafted by 22 HERTZ

Stream The Album Here: open.spotify.com/album/0siK6nfh

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